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Board of Directors

The board of directors of the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board is responsible for facilitating communication about accreditation programs, recommending creation of new accreditation programs, and providing annual budget approval. Members of the board represent stakeholders and include technical experts and industry and government representatives.

Mary Adolf, International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association

Joe Bhatia (ex officio), American National Standards Institute

Paul Borawski (ex officio) American Society for Quality

Rick Calabrese, Sartorius Group North America

Connie Conboy, SherTrack (chair)

Keith Conerly, Sodexo

Ashok Dandekar, Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.

Patricia Gleason, Safety Equipment Institute

Dale Gordon, Aerojet

George Huff Jr., ABA Senior Attorney-Advisor

Edward Mikoski Jr., Electronic Components Association

Robert Noth, ret. Deere & Company

Ulo Palm, Forest Research Institute

Charles Stadler, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin

Jeffrey Waite, U.S. Department of Agriculture


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ACLASS for accreditation of labs, inspection bodies, PT providers, and RMPs.


ANAB for accreditation of management system certification bodies.