Accessorize Like a Pro with Belts

Finding your style can be a challenge, and that is before finding the perfect way to make your accessories work with your outfits. If you are one of the people that avoids wearing belts in fear of them clashing with your clothes? You can save yourself a lot of time and doubt, not to mention money spent on belts that have never left your closet, by learning how to style your belt. In time, you may even have the confident to wear custom made belt buckles on a regular basis and rock your look.

Choose the Right Belt

custom made belt buckles

The first step is to find a belt that goes with your established style. They may seem like they can be worn with anything, but belts are specific to styles and finding the right one can be challenging at first. You need to look at the width, as thicker belts may be better for longer torsos while thin belts may look more natural on shorter waists. They don’t have to match your jewelry but they should at least complement each other.

Know When to Wear the Belt

Many people make mistakes when putting on belts. If you want to wear a belt on your top, make sure it is tucked before belting it to get the effect you want. Pants should only have belts if they have loops for them – trying to fight the system here will only result in constant adjustments throughout the day. Dresses and skirts can be taken up a notch with the introduction of a belt, making sure it does not slide around.

Styling your belt can make a large difference in your look. You don’t need to worry about belts clashing with your outfit as long as you find belts that complement your look. Look for belts that call to you and you will be able to dress confidently.