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An assessor is a person assigned by an accreditation body to perform an assessment at an agency or laboratory based on a variety of standards. There are three categories of assessors:

  1. Lead Assessor- The assessor with overall responsibility for the assessment, including preparation with the laboratory, leadership of the assessment team, writing the assessment report, and coordinating a corrective action response.
  2. Technical Assessor- The person who conducts the assessment of the technical competency of the laboratory for specific areas and may aid in the assessment of the management system as necessary.
  3. Technical Expert- The person assigned to provide specific knowledge or expertise with respect to a specific discipline being assessed.

FQS assessors are initially qualified on the basis of their education, training, and experience. Various performance measures, such as written exams and observations during assessments, are used to ensure ongoing competence. 

FQS prides itself on the quality and expertise of our assessors. They range from a variety of disciplines and their backgrounds are among the top scientists in their fields. FQS's Manager of Accreditation evaluates all applicants and categorizes them based on their level of expertise. Assessors and assessment teams are evaluated during assessments to monitor their continued performance. All FQS assessors are compensated for the time spent on assessments.

If you're interested in becoming an assessor for FQS, send email or call 813-443-0517 to request an assessor application package.

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