Creating Works Of Art Out Of The Simplest Things

When looking at art many of us think of paintings or marble sculptures.  The truth is that one material we don’t think of is probably the most decorative and versatile around, copper.  With copper we have a strong sturdy material that is easy to shape into whatever form you can think of.  In fact didn’t you know the Statue of Liberty was made out of copper? This is why many craftsmen are turning to handcrafted and unique copper products haubstadt in to create items that are not only beautiful but functional.

handcrafted and unique copper products haubstadt in

One thing that people are making with copper are statues.  Like I mentioned before the Statue of Liberty is a perfect example.  The entire outer skin of the statue is made of copper. From there people are making domes for buildings, decorative awnings and so much more.

When we think of coper we typically think of the penny or maybe those little desk statues we had on our desks back in the early nineties.  However copper can do and has done so much more.  With its ability to conduct heat copper pots and other cooking devices have been used in many homes. 

For those in certain areas copper has also been used to dress up a house.  Used around fireplaces for pokers, decretive chimneys and even ornate displays.

Copper is a vastly sought after material.  Pipes in our homes are made of copper.  Some people are even using it for jewelry.  When it comes to copper finding old cooking pots have been deemed a treasure of a find.  They also stir up images of grandma cooking in the kitchen for Sunday dinner.

When it comes to copper and the world around us, stop and take a look around.  Besides those shinny pennies we see in the streets why not do a little exploring and see what hidden treasures are out there made of copper.