What Can You Use a Plastic Bucket For?

plastic buckets wholesalespecial care routine

Plastic buckets are fantastic options for people who are looking to do their best in regards to keeping their homes and outdoor areas in the best condition possible. When you can buy plastic buckets wholesale, you’re probably in a position where you want to go ahead and check out everything that you can do with them. Here are some ideas on what you can use plastic buckets for.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater has a lot of fantastic uses, especially if you’re looking at taking care of your outdoor spaces. Whether you have a bird bath, a garden, or you just want to be sure that you have some backup options for water if the power goes out, it’s always a fantastic idea to go ahead and invest in some sort of way to collect water – and buckets are the best way to make that happen.

Do-It-Yourself Feeders

Do you need some sort of option when it comes to feeding your pets? If you go away for a period of time or you’re trying to make sure that you don’t have to deal with your pet’s food bowl too often, then it may be wise to consider putting together one with a big bucket. Put a hole in the side of the bucket, attach a bowl to the side, and cut some of the lip off of the bottom of the bucket and you’ve got a self-feeder for a cat, dog, or any other animal that you’re taking care of.

Tree Watering

Newly planted trees require a special care routine, and how you water them can make a big difference. Many times, they need to be watered very slowly in order to get the best results. So, take a five gallon bucket, put a hole at bottom and then block the hole with a dowel or cork until you get it outside. Then, fill the plastic bucket with water, take it to the newly planted tree, take the dowel or cork out and let it drain slowly. This will help to spread the water more evenly, which is a lot more helpful to the tree as it grows.

Protect Garden Tools

Do you have a lot of garden tools, but you want to be sure that they last a long time? A 5 gallon bucket is the perfect solution when you’re trying to guarantee that you can get things done the right way. Put dirt into a big bucket and then stick your tools in the bucket. The dirt helps to hold your tools in place and it’ll keep the metal part of the tools away from water, thus preventing rust.

What are you considering when it comes to your new plastic buckets? There are so many great ways to take care of everything that you’re sure to find plenty of options that are going to work well for whatever you’re trying to do at your home and with the things that you’re able to obtain in an affordable manner.